Man and Superman


I walk with my head in the exalted realm,

Yet my feet must suffer the filth of the earth,

What cruel trick of nature kindled my mind with cognition’s gleam,

And fettered it with feeble flesh that must huddle around a hearth!


No sinews of steel, am no roaring beast,

Only a spirit in throes of feral rage.

Man is condemned to partake of weakness’ feast,

Trapped in the knowledge of the inevitable, its invisible cage.


But not of sores from chafing chains

Grows the festering ferment of my soul.

Man may become superman, yet his triumph must be in vain,

Forever a pawn of chance; how droll!


Oh! Why poison existence with knowledge?

To know is to despair of ever knowing,

To be human is to awaken at a chasm’s edge,

To embrace the exquisite tragedy of being.


One comment on “Man and Superman

  1. Love the ending. It embraces Song of Solomon, Jane Eyre, Da Vinci, Spiderman, Superman, Mythology, and so many of heroic proportion! Perfection!

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